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I am a freelancer working on Web technologies and opensource products, always ready to become leader/member of a developing team for any company.
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Think about your needs and check what I can provide. My experience makes you save time and money.
Why spend money on time when you can invest it in innovation?

Absolute Development

Need a custom web application/CMS? Already have a site and want a new theme or plugin ? Check the techologies I use and the services I can provide.



I work on the popular OpenCart, WordPress with WooCommerce and Joomla. Feel free to contact me and discuss about your needs.


Site Administration & Optimization

Want someone with experience to administrate or improve your site's performance? Check what I can do for you.



Freelancing means working for individual customers directly or working as a team member for a company. The latter means that you can't put your name on the code you produce. Below you can see some of my projects, only where I worked directly.

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Feel free to contact. I would love to hear from you!